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He waka eke noa

Getting it Culturally Right with Confidence

You want to be confident?
As a person, you have some cultural knowledge and skill onboard but don’t know how to turn it into something that shows you are respectful of te ao Māori, the Māori world, and others different from you.

This journey is new to many non Māori in Aotearoa, we have started this work, and we need help to set us on the right path.

As a company you have invested in cultural competency and want to build this into your culture to positively impact your performance and relationships.

You care about contributing to a healthy community and economy.

You want to do the right thing but are scared of getting it wrong, looking ignorant, or sounding racist.

This can result in avoiding situations, unable to take our ideas to actions and build cultures we are proud of in Aotearoa.

You need more cultural confidence.

We help you get confident with your cultural competence, applying it with cultural capability while developing cultural intelligence.

Be confident that you are doing the right thing.


Building Cultural Confidence to get it right!

Personal Growth

One to One Coaching

Personalised Coaching Programme for developing confidence with te ao Māori, the Māori world. The programme is built around your needs.

In today's Aotearoa, possessing Cultural Intelligence is crucial.

I can help you:

To build your cultural capability with confidence.

To prepare for a relationship with tangata whenua.

To become a confident Tangata te Tiriti, people of the treaty.

To understand equity for decision making and communication.

To navigate bicultural and multicultural worlds.

To create a pepeha that you are proud to use.

Get the Basics

One to One Coaching

You really don't want to embarrass yourself.

You are new to Aotearoa.

You are new to having a Tiriti relationship.

Let’s get straight to the basics so you can make a genuine start.

Back to Basics will move you confidently forward to connect with Māori.

One hour coaching call $200


One to One Coaching

Create or recreate your Pepeha and be proud to share it.

I will work with you to structure and pronounce your Pepeha in a way that works for you. It will be written and recorded for you to practice the pronunciation.

You will now be able to introduce yourself strongly in Te Reo Māori.

Strategy Development

Cultural Action Plan

You have invested in cultural competence. Now utilize that knowledge and skill to enhance capability, productivity, and promote respectful relationships.

Future proof your business for our multicultural nation and te Tiriti relationship.

Create a plan.

Leadership Support

Strategy Implementation

One-on-one executive coaching focused on cultural change leadership

Small group coaching sessions to instill confidence in integrating cultural change

Tailored workshops to aid in any phase of the action plan for implementation support

Evaluation and Summary reports

Create Cultural Confidence

About Lisa

A visionary leader, culture creator, progressive design thinker and an educational entrepreneur. Always ahead of the wave, I started my cultural competence journey 30 years ago when I learned we had a treaty! I have spent the last 15 years turning this competence into cultural capabiity, embedding it into my leadership work.

Culture is everything. It influences our attitudes and behaviours while also impacting every aspect of an organisation. I help individuals to apply their cultural competence, to build cultural capability into their company. I help leaders grow their cultural intelligence.

I walk in different worlds, with bicultural and multicultural experiences. I use this to enrich my consultancy work. I carry with me te ao Māori values because it allows for a more unified and inclusive experience while also living our Tiriti relationship.

Experienced in Design Thinking from Stanford University, I use this methodology to co-create innovative cultural plans and frameworks with my clients, taking ideas to action.

I energise by heading into the mountains or to the sea. I enjoy attending cultural events, often volunteering. Life is for fun.


How long does a typical coaching program last, and how often are sessions scheduled?

The duration of a coaching program and the frequency of sessions can vary depending on your specific needs and goals. In general, coaching programs typically last anywhere from three to six months, with sessions conducted weekly. This schedule allows for consistent progress and support. However, our coaching is flexible and can be tailored to your preferences and requirements. Your coach will work with you to create a personalized coaching plan that aligns with your timeline and objectives.

What is Turning Cultural Competence into Cultural Capability all about?

Cultural Competence is all the skills and knowledge you have about your own culture and the culture of others. It also includes being inclusive of diversity, like gender identity, and age etc. Cultural Capability is where you take the Cultural Competence you have and apply it to your own life, your work life and in your community interactions. This is not easy. Many people are not sure how to do this well and fear getting it wrong.

Do you one off workshops?

Yes. Workshops include but are not limited to: Cultural Capability; Design Thinking Process for Change; Cultural Intelligence; Cultural Confidence for Leaders and Managers; Crossing the Chasm from Cultural Competence to Cultural Capability.

What is in the Cultural Action Plan?

The purpose of a Cultural Action Plan to transform work culture. It designs a framework to embed the Cultural Competence an organisation has into one or more of its: Values, Vision, Mission, Goals, Strategies and behaviours. Designed into the plan is accountability and evaluation for sustainability of the change.

How Long does it take to develop and implement a Cultural Action Plan?

The time it takes to develop and implement a Cultural Action Plan is dependent on the size of the organisation, the capacity of the people involved in the change and the amount of change required. To plan, implement and evaluate a cultural transformation can take from 1-3 years.

Who is involved in developing a Cultural Action Plan?

It is a team approach. Those involved are usually leadership people and key change people. However, each organisation has its own structures and roles. It is recommended that to grow people, those with potential are identified and join the team. These people can come from anywhere in the organisation.

What is Lisa like to work with?

"Lisa supported me as a health leader in my leadership practice. She helped me build on my existing foundational knowledge and encouraged me to deepen my confidence in tikanga and the values which underpin the Māori world view. This work assisted me during a consulting contract where I needed to build strong relationships with all stakeholders and specifically Māori health leaders in the district."

-Judith Catherwood
Health Leader

"Lisa possesses a deep understanding of the many complex challenges Māori are facing today.

She is a very strong and empathetic leader who leads from the heart, and consistently develops innovative ways to grow communities and leaders for a better Aotearoa for all"

-Wiremu Gray

Mana Facilitation

"A passionate champion for bi-culturalism and equity, Lisa challenged our thinking to make sure we reflected on whose voices we considered in our decision making - and whose voices we still needed to seek and really hear."

-Shane Morrow

Educational Leader

"Lisa is an experienced design thinker, skilled in helping others take their ideas to action. Lisa leads with authenticity and humility, empowering others on their journey towards cultural capability."

-Carolyn Stuart



Insights, tools and products

Turn your ideas into action.

Dive deeper.

Crossing the Main Divide

A Guide for Health Leaders

A 5-step resource for executives, directors, managers, and leads in the Health Sector seeking to confidently apply the investment made in cultural competence for equitable health outcomes.

Peak Performance Perspectives Podcast

Episode 2 of Peak Performance Perspectives brings an incredible conversation with Lisa Heald, Cultural Capability Coach.

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